Frequently Asked Questions

For years, we have said, “It’s hard to describe, just try class & you will get it." And people did. Dripping sweat, out of breath, high on the endorphins, they panted, "I get it! I totally get it." And that was just when we had danceFLOORED- before the uber-catharsis of yoga.

But now, as people come from all corners to experience these classes and as we travel all over to meet them, a more robust FAQ seems to be in order to answer some of the most often asked questions. And, if you have more, just email, PM, DM, send a smoke signal to us and we'll answer. Or ignore all of this and just try it.

+ I heard about this dance class -- it looks intimidating. It does not look like it is for non-dancers because everyone looks like they know what they are doing when I see the videos online and social media-- like they are all professional dancers in the videos. What's the real deal?

Nope, all real people. It is a rare class where there are not first timers in class. Yes, professional dancers dig this class too, so there might be a smattering of professional dancers thrown in there. Class looks intimidating but the big secret: it is not. We field this question exactly 412 times a month. We grow the combination organically through repetition and your body starts to absorbs the movement, pushing your brain out of the way. Your body gets it through repetition, but your brain isn't as quick to realize it. It's magic. And therapeutic. Likely both. ALL LEVELS ARE WELCOME.

+ How is danceFLOORED different from every other dance class/cardio dance class out there?

There is no class like this. We have been timid to say this, reluctant to make such an audacious statement. But after years and years of teaching, being in the dance/fitness space and most importantly, hearing feedback from students--there is nothing like this class. Why: Every single class is new choreography. We do not build a combination for days or weeks. So, when you come in for the first time, you are on equal footing as someone who has taken class for years. The movement is pedestrian- fancy pedestrian- so it is attainable for even those who claim to be utterly uncoordinated. And there is room to lift the challenge if you are more advanced. The class is about YOU. The result: class is awesomely challenging for the head and body which makes your feeling of dripping success at the end of class feel that much more exhilarating and well-earned.

+ What is your yoga class like?

Imagine my dance class stuck in the neck of a yoga glass bottle. Like Corona-sized bottle. I fell deeply in love with yoga at just the right moment when I needed it. As is often the case with yoga. It creeps into your life and near suffocates you in the finest way with its I-Got-You awesomeness. My yoga classes are physically rigorous with room for you to do whatever you need or don't need. And music- duh. Don't mess with me and my playlist. A steady thumping of every type of music that exists. Acoustic ballads, Hip Hop, Latin, Broadway, African drums, Chanting, Pop, Symphonies. And you just might find that you are a sobbing mess at some point in class. It is an experience and it feels so, so good.

+ What do I wear?

For danceFLOORED: Whatever you wear to work out. Baggy, tight, loose, fitted. Whatever you feel good in. Some of the studios have mirrors. Some do not. Wear something that makes you feel good. Looking good then rolls right in next to it. Wear sneakers! Good ones. Solid soles. Flexibility in the arches that allow your feet to move. Not stiff. The go-to athletic brands are fine. Do not wear those sneakers with the high wedge in them. I mean, does it seem like a good athletic shoe? For yoga: whatever makes you happy. Because one day you might realize that you do have that split or headstand in you.

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+ What is that cool down ending to class about?

At the end of every danceFLOORED class, we do a version of the classical dancer's reverence shaken + stirred with a moment of gratitude. We complete the class with a simple bow to acknowledge ourselves and anything for that which we are grateful. For our bodies, enabling us to move. For our mind, enabling us to be free of it for the duration class. A little sweaty honor of our loved ones, our ailing ones. For the joy. To take a moment after dancing our butts off to say, "Thank You" before pressing back into the world.

+ Could we just go away together, dance + practice yoga in some beautiful nook and cranny of the world and then return to our lives as better people because of the inspiration we harness?

Good idea. Definitely. Every retreat to-date has sold out. We are very proud and not terribly surprised. We are living in a moment of turbulence, upheaval, emptiness. Amidst the good stuff, yes, but it’s a heckuva goodie bag. So many of us yearn to take a beat, reconnect and gain clarity. To Ignite Our Body + Light Our Soul. And we love doing so with you. More to come.

+ Does Tootsie do private events? Public speaking? Philanthropy through fundraisers for causes large and small?

Yes. Contact us here

+ Do you do gift certificates for retail, retreats and events?

Yes. Contact us here to give the gift of awesomeness.